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Unique selection Company: Rura Colimus the Virgin, Carboncella from olives, olive press, Leccino, Raja and moraiolo, grown using organic farming techniques, the collection is partly mechanized and hand picking and pressed within twenty-four hours extracting a continuous loop. At the sight has a golden yellow color and intense green notes, clear, open wide and plant the nose, with elegant hints of herbs and radish.

The taste is complex, with hints of herbs and strong tone of artichoke. Bitter and spicy decided that close in the sweet almond.

It is an ideal appetizer of raw vegetables, soups, and tasty roasted red meats.
Typology Package Price one piece
0,250 l
24 4,20
0,500 l
6 7,20
0,750 l
6 10,00
3 l
4 30,00
5 l
4 50,00