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All of the organic farm rural COLIMUS groves are located in the territory of the town of Casper, an ancient town of Sabina, already known before the birth of ancient Rome. Virgil, in fact, when the seventh book of the Aeneid is the overview of the various Italic peoples who sent troops to fight in favor of Aeneas, Turnus, in the verse mentions the presence of 714 Casper, "Casperiamque". Continuous and fast references break the monotony of the show and all the pre-Roman Sabina is presented with its mountains, its rivers and its fertile rolling hills of olive trees even then, "oliviferaeque". Because the olive has been a cornerstone for this land since pre-Roman period of great splendor and decadence associated with historical events.

The company has restructured rural COLIMUS Olivetan ground frosts decimated by nature, (the recent terrible in 1965 and 1985) and the short-sightedness and neglect of men. In doing so he followed a basic principle: put the olives on the same level of life, considering the olives as a fruit from mechanically squeezing the grapes to get the good oil or good wine. Because it is obvious that equal treatment before, during and after machining, oil will be different from one another according to the characteristics of the fruit, place of origin and how it is processed.

What applies to a single variety wine mixture or also applies to a single cultivar or blend oil that is. In restructuring the olive groves, then the first task in rural COLIMUS was to make the choice of cultivar. He replanted the plants misleading, exotic or typical of other regions with typical cultivar of the ancient Sabine oil, has stubbornly put those basic varieties for the oil quality, but unpopular with farmers because they are not resistant to inclement weather or because of poor productivity, but instead bring many flavors, fragrances, scents to which an oil that claims to be of absolutely can not give up. And if some cultivars were not replacements, he did make a few cuttings from surviving examples, like the cultivar and Raja has patiently kept a place for new olive trees in an area adjacent to a forest. He divided the grove into two parts: the first in the different cultivars are appropriately mixed to obtain a basic mixture; second are represented in each of the olive cultivars grouped in specific areas in order to intervene directly on the mixture at harvest . In the olive groves of rural COLIMUS are, thus, representing almost all cultivars provided by the regulations of the DOC Sabina, the first to be recognized in Italy: Carboncella, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, and Raja Rosciola.

The primary purpose of our company is the excellence of our product that we pursue every year by changing the odds of intervention of each cultivar to achieve quality in continuity. This is what distinguishes us from other producers and that is that only a small producer can do. But the quality you pay for, as the oil in the wine. But while there is no one who thinks he can buy a good wine at two sous he thinks there are still those for oil, and a good oil, unlike a fine wine, has a maximum term of life of just three years.

For the rest of the culture we have adopted since the start of our biological activities strictly according to regulations of DOC ALAB Sabina and the control body: the banning of all chemicals and fertilizer, early harvesting, hand picking with the networks and openwork baskets, storage of up to forty-eight hours prior to grinding, the grinding mills HACCP certified organic and guaranteed, the cold pressing at under 25 degrees, you get much lower acidity of 0.7 % required by EC regulations, the oil filter within sixty days after milling.

It 'sure you can find small olive producers eguaglino that our standard of quality, it is certain that no major national or international manufacturer or distributor has the ability to deal with this. It would be like comparing David and Goliath, any car with a Ferrari.